The five best cycling apps

Cyclists are usually right up there in terms of accepting new technology and experimenting with new ways of doing things. Smartphones have changed the way we navigate, measure and cope with riding the bike and we have taken them to our hearts. There are now hundreds of smartphone apps made just for cyclists and I use five of them.
Strava Cycling


It goes without saying that Strava plays a huge part in the lives of most cyclists. The ability to measure, track and navigate is useful. The ability to gain achievements is also quite powerful although also quite annoying. Used as motivation, those awards and KOMs are hugely addictive. Taken too far they can ruin the ride, which is why I don’t use them.

Used sensibly, Strava is a must have cycling app. Available on iOS and Android.

Bike Doctor

Bike Doctor

The Bike Doctor app is ideal for those new to cycling. It’s an app that can help maintain and repair your bike. I find it especially useful while out and about as I have books and the interwebs at home. It offers step-by-step guides on changing a tyre, fixing flats, replacing cables and all those tasks any cyclist should get to know.

Bike Doctor is very helpful cycling app and is available on iOS and Android.

First Aid for cyclists

St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists

I regard the St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists as an essential app. Not just in case I injure myself but in case I come across someone else who needs help. The app is well laid out and contains useful and most importantly, accurate, information on managing first aid when out and about. Every cyclist should have this and know at least some basic first aid.

St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists is available on iOS and Android.

Fill That Hole

Fill That Hole

There is no denying that the UK has some of the worst roads of anywhere in the modern world. Even though the cost of driving is among the most expensive, our roads never seem to be up to standard. Holding councils accountable is essential and that’s what Fill That Hole excels at. You can report the size and location of a pothole and send it in seconds. It’s easy to use and works. Nuff said.

The Fill That Hole cycling app is available on iOS and Android.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect

As a Garmin 510 user, I find Garmin Connect really useful. Not really for all the graphical gubbins and measurements but for the weather and for LiveTrack. A cyclists life is dictated by the weather and the ability to have at least an idea of what’s coming is invaluable. LiveTrack also allows your significant other to see where you are at any given time. Very useful if you have a serious mechanical and need a lift!

The Garmin Connect cycling app is available on iOS and Android.


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