SRAM Red HydroHC hydraulic brakes coming soon

Not content with completely changing the game with their wireless groupset, SRAM will soon be adding the final component to what could be the ultimate road bike upgrade. The company announced they will be offering Red eTap with hydraulic brakes from October 2016.

Despite the UCI and others suffering from the fear factor over disc brakes, those of us still on planet earth see them as the future. Well, those of us who live in hilly places anyway!

The new product, called SRAM HydroHC will be compatible with either flat mounts or post mounts for maximum flexibility. They will also work seamlessly with eTap as you would expect. We got a glimpse of them on a Canyon Aeroad Disc that did the rounds on the interwebs, so it is no surprise this is coming, it is good news indeed and gives me something new to lust over.

One of the big improvements made in this iteration is the smaller hoods. Despite being hydraulic, the hood is modestly sized. It also include ‘Contact Point Adjustment’ meaning you can tune the brakes to be as sharp or as forgiving as you like, just like higher end mountain bike discs.

With plenty of adjustment, hopefully decent power modulation and the ability to tune it to the nth degree, the SRAM HydroHC could be the ultimate groupset. SRAM said they have made bleeding easier too. Anyone who has bled hydraulic discs will be happy to hear that!

I’ll keep an eye on SRAM and let you know as soon as they provide an update.


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