Review: Sidi Genius 5 road shoes

Until now, I had always worn either Shimano or Northwave shoes. While both have been comfortable and durable, I wanted something different. So, after a lot of research I decided to buy my first pair of Italian shoes.

The Sidi Genius 5 are at the lower end of the range, around £125 but most importantly, come in half sizes. They also do Mega fit for those with wider feet. I had to order mine from Bike24 in Germany because nobody in the UK had my size, but it was worth the wait!


The shoe is quality. I was tempted by the fluro colour but in the end decided on the white and red ones. These look great next to my black, white and red BMC TimeMachine TMR02 and would likely go better with a wider range of outfits than the fluro.

The upper seems like leather but I don’t think it is. There are two Velcro straps and a very adjustable buckle. There is also a black tongue that can be cut to allow movement depending on your foot type. The shoe is constructed very well. The finishing is excellent, with tidy stitching and no glue marks anywhere.

The sole

Sidi release a lot of marketing guff about the characteristics of the sole and I ignored most of it. Suffice to say the carbon composite sole in the Sidi Genius 5 is light, stiff and transfers power nicely. The heel cup adds stability when walking and overall, the platform is very comfortable on or off the bike.


Nowhere around Plymouth sells Sidi shoes so I had to buy blind. After reading lots of feedback, I bought a 10.5 size. I think the straight 10 would have sufficed but I wasn’t going to send them all the way back to Germany for a half size.

Apart from that, the fit is excellent. I wore them around the house for a couple of days before fitting cleats and taking them out and was very comfortable. The upper is moulded well for the top of the foot, they are wide enough to not crowd toes and there is enough adjustment to fit just about any foot shape.

They are the first cycling shoe I have ever bought where they felt just right the first moment I put them on.

The verdict

Sidi Genius 5 is an excellent shoe that really delivers the goods. While far from high end, they are of sufficient quality for me that I may still be using these in five years’ time!


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