Review: High5 Protein Recovery

Assessing anything that you eat or drink is difficult as it is only ever subjective. What’s good for me might not necessarily be good for anyone else. So please bear that in mind when you’re assessing whether High5 Protein Recovery is any good for you.

My drink of choice if the summer fruits version, in a 1.6kg tub. Of the many protein recovery drinks I have tried, this has to be one of the tastiest. Sure, it’s not natural and tastes slightly of “artificial” but it’s still flavoursome and doesn’t turn the stomach.

You can mix High5 Protein Recovery it with either milk or water. High5 recommend water for summer fruits and either for the other flavours. I tend to use it with water anyway to help rehydration directly after a ride. I tend to have a milkshake an hour afterwards anyway so water here is good.

Protein is good

We all know that getting protein into the system after exercise is a good thing for recovery. It gives the body much of what it needs to rebuild after a ride while also replenishing carb stores.

High5 Protein Recovery

This is the breakdown care of the High5 site.

As someone who works in marketing, I am naturally suspicious of marketing. Therefore it is with a healthy dose of suspicion that I approach supplements of any kind. Wooly science, spurious claims and very loose interpretations of improvements are just a few of the accusations levelled against the industry.

However, you have to give products the benefit of the doubt until they prove unworthy. High5 Protein Recovery is not unworthy.

I’m no nutritionist, but I tried the product at times when I was riding a few days in a row. So I would have a High5 Protein Recovery drink after the first ride so I would be ready for the next. I have to say that compared to a milkshake on its own, High5 Protein Recovery did make a difference.

Fatigue levels the next day were definitely lower. Muscle aches and that annoying feeling of lack of power in muscles was gone and I felt ready for the ride. As I don’t have the best diet in the world, this was all very helpful. On days when I didn’t have High5 Protein Recovery, I felt the usual fatigue and really had to exercise willpower to give it full beans the next day.

So, this very unscientific review of High5 Protein Recovery recommends the product wholeheartedly for those times when you ride several days in a row. Whether it’s the placebo effect or genuine value in the ingredients, better minds than mine can say. All I can say with absolute certainty is that it works for me.


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