Hi, I’m Jamie and Road Cyclist is my baby. Cycling is a passion of mine and has been since I was small. It began with BMX, then shifted to mountain biking, then road riding, then mountain biking and then back to road riding.

Those early days of BMX created a love of speed, danger, cornering with a knee on the ground and for nursing injuries. Mountain biking was able to scratch that itch when I got too big for BMXs and allowed me to go further and faster. By the time I bought my first road bike I was already cycling 30-40 miles a day and that was before I was 16.
Raleigh Banana
My first road bike was a team Raleigh Banana. It has a steel frame, heavy wheels and shifters on the down tube. It probably weighed a ton but I loved it. I cycled miles and miles, used it every day and almost wore it out I rode so much!

After the Banana came mountain bikes. A selection of Orange, Specialized and Commencal frames with either front or full suspension. I rode around Essex and Berkshire for almost 20 years off road. I would drive to Wales, do Swinley Forest, the South Downs, Box Hill, Aston Hill and more on those bikes. It was great fun!

It wasn’t until we began have wet weather throughout the year that I looked again at road bikes. It must have been 2010 or 2011 when we had some seriously wet summers. Most of my off road haunts were perpetually soaked and hard going. I bought a Cannondale Synapse to keep my fitness levels up while I waited for Britain to drain and for my beloved trails to dry out.

I loved the Synapse. It was the alloy version with SAVE, Shimano 105, RS10 wheels and a lot of potential. The shifters took a little getting used to, especially as the last time I rode a road bike they were on the downtube!

However, I was soon smitten. The sheer speed and responsiveness of the Synapse had me hooked from that very first ride. I returned home with a huge grin on my face and never looked back. Since the Synapse, I bought a PlanetX RT-57 as a winter bike until I sold them both to buy a SuperSix Evo.

The Cannondale SuperSix Evo is an awesome bike. It’s a far better bike than I am a rider and always will be. It’s light, has a SRAM Red drivetrain, Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels (for now), Prologo saddle and lots of little personal tweaks. It’s also in Liquigas colours which makes it really stand out (although white isn’t a particularly sensible colour for a bike in the UK.)

Now I have a BMC Time Machine TMR02. It’s an all-out speed machine, ironically with a compact chainset. However, since moving to Cornwall, I have been very grateful indeed for that!

Road Cyclist

My main area of expertise is training, technique and nutrition so the site will likely lie heavily in that direction. Plus, I’m only one person with a finite budget so any kit reviews and workshop tips will reflect that. As I buy new stuff, I’ll review it.

If any of you want to contribute to Road Cyclist, email me or contact me through the site. I would welcome any content that readers would find valuable.